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 Licensed professional investigators

Our criminal defense attorneys utilize the services of several investigative teams to provide thorough and complete investigations in most cases.  The investigators assist our lawyers by:

  • interviewing witnesses and victims
  • conducting background investigations of witnesses and victims
  • examining evidence in police custody
  • conducting independent investigations of facts and circumstances of every criminal charge
  • collecting evidence
  • compiling reports, diagrams, photographs, and exhibits for trial
  • serving subpoenas
  • testifying at trial, as needed

The licensed professional investigators have vast experience in criminal investigation  and have conducted  hundreds of investigations on a wide variety of cases including theft offenses, assaults, homicides, frauds and countless other criminal allegations.

With our team of investigative professionals, you can be assured that the Newman & Evans, APC thoroughly examines the facts and circumstances surrounding the criminal allegations against you so that we can present the strongest possible defenses on your behalf.



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