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Writs & Criminal Appeals In Solano County


Justice is never served by one’s wrongful imprisonment.  At the Newman & Evans, APC, we have experience in filing writs on behalf of clients who are being unlawfully detained.  If you believe that you or a family members is being wrongfully imprisoned, contact us to evaluate the claim.

Criminal Appeals

Newman & Evans, APC has experienced trial lawyers who are well-versed in criminal appellate procedure.  A criminal appeal can be filed when you are convicted of a crime and there was a mistake, or error, in the trial. Under California law, a criminal appeal can be filed within 60 days of the conviction. The California criminal appeal process is a very specialized, complicated process that demands appellate expertise. It involves extensive research and written and oral arguments.  A criminal appeal can often take a year or more. At the Newman & Evans, APC, we have the expertise to handle your criminal appeal.

Prison Law & Inmate Rights

Frequently, persons who are incarcerated in jail or prison are charged with new crimes based upon incidents occurring inside the jail or prison facility. Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of prisoners and are committed to protecting inmates’ rights  and other formal and informal proceedings.  Contact us if you believe that your rights or the rights of a loved one are being violated while in prison.

Mental Health Law

Too often, mentally ill persons find themselves locked in the grips of the criminal justice system.  At the Newman & Evans, APC, we have substantial expertise in working with prisoners and other mentally ill clients to ensure that their rights are aggressively and compassionately protected.  Call us for a free consultation.



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